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At IBS we have competency-based training that guides our students to develop their knowledge and skills, highlighting their Academic Training in the subjects of Spanish, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Civics and Ethics.

We develop Bilingual Training (Literature, Grammar, World History), Cambridge Preparation and Toefl for high school entry.

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And to reinforce skills:
First and second grade students take the program titled Cambridge Readers, which contains guided readings, exercises and activities to increase reading comprehension and enjoyment of it.

In the grammar class, the platform assigned is Compact First for Schools, material from the University of Cambridge to prepare students for their official language certification exams.

In the World History class, the MyNGConnect platform is used to complement the National Geographic book to carry out a guided reading.

In art class, the Creatinkers app is used.

In the subject of literature, all the institute's students use the Vocabularya-z platform which has animated games and gamification strategies to acquire vocabulary and learn spelling.

All students at the institute use Brainpop's videos and technological tools.

We also support:
Areas of Personal and Social Development through Art, Physical Education, Socio-emotional Education, Healthy Living, Curricular Autonomy such as Computer Science and Laboratory.

We carry out different activities that enrich their development through the Computer Fair, Book Fair, Entrepreneurs Fair, Art Open House, Christmas Stories in English, Ecology Stories, Spelling City online applications, Matlhetics among others.


7:50 to 14:10 hrs.

Stationery required:

  • Birth certificate (copy)

  • Certificate of completed elementary education.

  • Letter of good conduct.

  • Diagnostic evaluation of Spanish, English and mathematics.

  • Registration application

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