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We have:

  • Specialized staff in English and Spanish

  • French classes

  • Computer room

  • Physical education specialists

  • Values ​​training

  • School for parents

  • Spelling bee contest

  • Science fair

  • Use of platforms such as: Mathletics, Brain Pop, Scholastic and Vocabulary Kids A-Z


8:00 to 14:00 hrs.

Registration requirements:

  • The child must be 6 years old by December 31, to aspire to enter the first grade of elementary school

  • Diagnostic evaluation


Stationery required:

  • Copy of birth certificate

  • Copy of CURP

  • Proof of studies from previous years (copy)

  • Accreditation of preschool studies (only for 1st grade)

  • Good conduct letter

  • Proof of placement (only for 1st grade)

  • 4 photographs

  • Registration application


The Instituto Bilingüe La Silla conducts an interview with the applicant's parents to obtain a general understanding of the future student's academic history.

The academic exams for New Entry allow us to have a diagnostic impression of the level with which we receive our applicants, it also gives us the opportunity to identify the areas that require reinforcement as well as make suggestions that favor the student's performance in order to guarantee the best use of our students.

The evaluation carried out by the Department of Psychology allows us to know the environment of our future student, the maturational level and the socio-emotional management with which they are directed.

Once the evaluation process is completed and the corresponding paperwork has been delivered, the Director of the level will deliver the academic results and grant the Registration Pass, then fill out the Registration Application and go to the General Offices to conclude the process.

Procedure for re-registrations or re-entries

The re-enrollment of students is carried out automatically to the next school grade, unless expressly requested by the parent or guardian.

Payment can be made from the NEMAX platform or go to the School Control Department in the General Offices.

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